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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Ready, Set, Go!

A few days ago I got a message from a very sweet friend wanting some pointers of how to get started.  My first thought was, "Wow!  Someone wants advice from me?"

This message caused me to reflect and here's the advice I came up with.  Look for some gyms or programs and visit a few.  There are communities of  supportive people everywhere.  If you feel like people at a gym are staring, you're in the wrong gym!  Look for a place whose members take time to encourage you.

While visiting Beatrice, Nebraska during Spring Break I found a really neat place.  I had gotten very tired of the hotel's treadmill and searched for CrossFit boxes online but, they were too far.  I did, however, find Jazzercise Beatrice.

I could feel the energy as soon as I entered the room.  I was greeted by a very caring lady who gave me a quick tour and I jumped right in!  There were women there of various ages and shapes.  Owner and instructor Kristeen Thies kept the place pump'n and although, the atmosphere was very different from CrossFit, I felt right at home because everyone was working so hard.  This is the kind of place everyone needs!

Here's a picture of Kristeen and I;  I got to wear her St. Patrick's day hat!

Another good idea is to find a group of people to help you stay accountable.  One group that has helped hundreds of women nation wide is TOPS (Take Pounds Off Sensibly).  TOPS is a non-profit organization whose members offer support through weekly weigh-ins, goal setting, and even friendly competition.  FaceBook groups can offer instant support.  My favorite is Down With Dani March Challenge where creator, Danyeil Hamilton Durrant engages members in fitness and nutrition challenges all while sharing her inspirational story. 

Thank you, Connie, for inspiring this post!  May you find great places!

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